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Providing therapy, education, and support to individuals, couples, and families.

Accepting New Clients October 2023

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Congratulations on making yourself a priority. Improving your life circumstances involves learning how to navigate relationship roadblocks, workplace stressors, and individual challenges.

To engage in therapy is to begin a relational process—one that can produce new abilities and behavioral patterns, help you manage stressors in a healthy way, and fast-track your personal growth.

As your therapist, my function is to partner with you to:

  • Identify your specific challenges and goals
  • Provide a safe and creative environment where you can master skills for coping and creating change
  • Improve your overall health and happiness across all areas of wellness (emotional, spiritual, physical, social, environmental, occupational, and intellectual)



Sense of Self Worth, Body Image,
Negative Core Beliefs


Feelings of Overwhelm, Fear, Worry, Panic


Struggle with Motivation, Energy, Sleep, Appetite, Isolation, Feelings of Worthlessness, Apathy, Hopelessness


Premarital, Marital, Workplace, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy Building, Connectedness, Communication


Performance Anxiety, Sport Injuries,
Health and Wellness


Togetherness, Parenting, Conflict, Divorce, Grief

ready to get started?

The decision to get extra support can be difficult. If you would like more information about my approach, please feel free to send me a message. I would love to connect with you. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

2. Phone consultation

We will identify your goals and ensure we are a great fit.

3. First Session

We will get to know each other, talk through what you are currently and historically experiencing, and map out your goals.

4. Moving forward

We will create a plan together incorporating new skills and behaviors to help you work toward the goals you identified in our initial session.

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